Precocious First Grader Knows How to Get Down to Business

One of the benefits of a having a child in elementary school is being invited to come in for "interview day" and having a pack of a dozen first graders ask questions about my job and how I help the community.  I told them that being a business lawyer is great because I get to help people solve problems and agree how to work together.  Plus, I help start businesses like toy stores, candy stores, and restaurants - all crowd favorites that day. But my favorite question was the first one that received from a six-year-old girl in front: "How many emails do you get every day."  She can barely read but knows how the world works.  I told the class the size of my email inbox and I think they thought I was kidding.  But what a different world these kids will be growing up in.

The Business Law Blog Has a New Honor But the Voting Is Not Over!

After the votes were counted and your comments were read, Lexis Nexis has selected The Business Law Blog from all of the nominees as one of the 2010 Top 25 Blogs for Business Law.  I am humbled by the honor; there were many very thoughtful and successful blogs in the nominee pool.  But I am excited to now be one of the finalists for the Top Business Blog of the Year! And you can help.  Lexis Nexis has set up a site with the finalists (nothing like being first in an alphabetical list, I say).  All you have to do is (1) click the link at the bottom of that page to go to the voting page, (2) click on the button next to your favorite blog, and (3) click the "Vote Now!" button.  That's it!  As before, you have to be registered with the site to vote, but anyone can register and it is a painless -- and solicitation-free -- process.  Plus, if you registered in the first round, you don't have to register again.  Just head straight to the voting!

Again, I want to thank everyone who made comments in the first round of voting.  I very much appreciate your time and positive thoughts.  This blog has been a great way of establishing a dialogue with you and I look forward to continuing.  So go vote for your favorites and continue to visit this site to read and join in the discussion!

Quick Hits: October 1, 2010

Here are a few non-legal thoughts for the end of the week:

  • The entire national narrative during this election season is about the epic clash of the parties heading into November, and yet not ONE political sign in my area lists the candidate's political party affiliation.  The color choices don't help either.  Why the disconnect? And is this the new normal?
  • Big Ten play starts this weekend for the 4-0 Michigan Wolverines football team.  Denard Robinson, the nation's leading rusher (even though he is a quarterback and missed more than three quarters of the game this past weekend) is ready to play despite bruising his knee last week.  Have you ever seen a more electrifying player?  He is as good as the defense is bad.  At least we get to play Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois (sorry, B0b) still this year.
  • It's October 1st and the high temperature for the day here in Massachusetts is in the upper 70s.  Fall just does not work if it is hot.  Looking forward to cooler days ahead.
  • Massachusetts implemented a texting-while-driving ban this week.  With so many smartphones out there now, how in the world will this be enforced - were you texting or typing in your passcode to make a phone call?

So what is on your mind this week?