Just Do It: Entrepreneurs Show Why Now is a Great Time to Start a Business

I saw today another example of people using entrepreneurship to overcome the struggling economy.  In addition to the 9.6% of Americans that are officially unemployed, there are many, many more who are underemployed or stuck in a job they don't want just for the security of a paycheck.  But in reality, they don't feel very secure. This article highlights people who are taking control of their situations by starting their own businesses.  Whether it is buying an existing business, purchasing a franchise, or bootstrapping a new small business, I hear similar stories from my clients all the time, and I am constantly surprised by their resourcefulness.  There is a real buzz from the entrepreneurs out there that are creating business for themselves, many of them without quitting their day jobs. Perhaps it is your turn to give it a try.

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Have you already started a new business?  What has been your biggest challenge?