Great business plan - when location means everything!

Great article from the Wall Street Journal that was fun to read because my wife and my MIT Sloan friends often frequent the Clover Food Truck in Cambridge.  The Rosemary Fries described in the slideshow are a bit hit!  Not exactly what you first think of with a lunch truck:

Lunch trucks once represented the nadir of culinary achievement, conjuring up images of withered hot dogs and hygienically-challenged kebabs. Today, even some chefs from Michelin-starred eateries are migrating into a sector of the food business that seems particularly well suited for a financial downturn. For would-be restaurateurs, launching a culinary truck requires far less start-up capital than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. At a time when consumers are cutting back on restaurant spending, a food truck serving inexpensive lunches and snacks can be an easier sell to diners.

They always say that location is everything with small businesses, particularly restaurants.  These businesses are not only able to capitalize on that, but also connect with their customers via regular Tweets on where the truck is located, specials of the day, and updates on what food is avaiable (or has been sold out).  Another great way to use older techniques with modern tools to keep customers engaged.