How the U.S. Can Avoid Another Recession (assuming there is leadership to do it)

Even as Washington gridlock becomes the norm, ideas continue to circulate about kickstarting the sputtering U.S. economy.  Everyone seems to agree that startups and other small businesses will lead a renewed hiring boom and increase demand, but not everyone is in agreement about how to get there. There are some ideas, however, that continue to move forward.  Jeff Bussgang of Boston's Flybridge Capital Partners has highlighted some of them recently in an article that is worth reading, and points out this remarkable stat:

The Kauffman Foundation's research on this matter is clear: From 1997 to 2005, job growth in the US was driven entirely by start-ups.

The Startup Visa and government investment in innovation were also topics of this blog in that past in addition some other ideas like the green card visa.  The U.S. needs to make it easier for businesses to start here, and then make sure that we attract as many of the world's leading scientists and entrepreneurs to make it happen.

As Congress dithers over process and campaign year politics, it is hard to understand why there is not more urgency on this vital area of economic development.