Lexis Nexis Has Nominated The Business Law Blog as a Top 25 Blog Candidate and You Can Help

Okay, everyone - it is time to get interactive!  I received an email this week that Lexis Nexis has selected my blog as a nominee for one of the top 25 blogs in the Business Community.  First of all, I am very excited and humbled to be selected.  I, of course, know many of the other blogs on the list because I am a regular reader.  So to be nominated in that group is truly an honor. I started The Business Law Blog to help educate startups, small businesses, investors, and other interested readers.  As a practicing business law attorney, I help my clients on a daily basis to demystify the legal hurdles that their businesses face and help them navigate the path from startup to exit.  I share many of those insights regularly on this blog to help entrepreneurs and companies focus less on the law and more on minding their business.

Here is how you can help.

The Lexis Nexis folks have set up a site with links to all of the nominees (or see the logo on the right side of this page).  You can vote for your favorites by adding a comment to the bottom of that page.  In order to comment, you have to register, but (i) you don't have to be a lawyer, (ii) it is free, and (iii) they have adamantly assured us that there will be no solicitations.  So you have nothing to lose and you can rest easy knowing that your vote helped this blog reach a broader audience.  It should only take you a couple of minutes.

The initial voting period for the Top 25 blogs is open until October 8, 2010.  After the top 25 blogs have been announced, a Top Business Law Blog of the Year winner will then be chosen by the voters and by a select panel of judges ("Idol"-style).  So vote for your favorites, and if Daniel J. Ryan's The Business Law Blog is one of them, I will be ever so grateful.

And while you are at it, take a moment to post a quick comment here or send me an email with topics that you would like to see addressed, because I am always here to serve.  Have you been wrestling with a particular legal problem?  What issues is your business facing?